Fruit Shaping Molds

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Heart shape watermelon

Let’s face it, eating your fruits and vegetables can be boring. Well that’s because you haven’t shaped them using one of these fruit shaping molds. Now you can make eating fruit fun by molding them into cool designs and shapes. These odd fruit molds can shape your fruit into things like skulls, hearts, Little Buddha, or even a Donald Trump head. Your kids will love eating fruit now, and so will you!

Buddha pear molds

How does it work? As your fruits and vegetables begin to grow, just put one of the fruit shaping molds around them. As they grow, they will begin to take the form of the mold. Once they’re ripe and finished growing, you will have a fully shaped design to eat. The fruit molds are made from high-quality polycarbonate and have nuts and bolts around the mold’s border to keep the shape secure.

Skull shape fruit molds

These odd fruit molds will take you back to your high school science class days. It’s like being a mad scientist where you can shape and carve things into whatever crazy shapes you like. Get creative with your fruits and bring the joy back into eating your veggies. It’s both fun and healthy!

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