Galaxy Soap Bars

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Galaxy Soap Bars

You ever go outside at night and lay out flat in the backyard at stare up at the sky? If you’ve never done this before, you really need to get out a little more or at least move somewhere where you can do things like kill time staring into the vastness of the solar system from the comfort of your backyard. You’ll marvel at the stars and planets and other assorting things floating around that won’t notice you regardless of how much noise you make or how big a fire your construct.

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But what if you have no way of doing that? Well, these galaxy soap bars will fill the space. They are handmade from glycerin so you know that they are going to scrub you clean wherever you choose to rub one against your body. And if you are seeking views of a different kind of celestial body, take a closer look at the galaxy soap bar in your hand.

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Look deep within it and you’ll see the same view that you had outside at night in your backyard. The main difference here is that this particular view of the cosmos fits inside your hand and you don’t have to wear a jacket in order to view it comfortably at all.

Awesome Galaxy Soap Bars

So the next time you want to get a firm grip of the world around you, grab one of these galaxy soap bars. They not only look cool and show you the world outside of your world, they also do a pretty good job of cleaning stuff like a good bar of soap should. You may want to get an extra one so you can put it in a frame and hang it on the wall as a conversation starter. You never know when you’ll meet that special someone who is quite simply out of this world!

Beautiful Galaxy Soap Bars

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