Golden Snitch Light

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Golden Snitch Light

Now here is a unique way to light up your room or any space that requires illumination. The Golden Snitch light gives your space a definite special vibe as you use this piece of Harry Potter magic to brighten up anywhere you need some light. It’s also the perfect collectible for anyone who has amassed a selection of items that can be considered Quidditch memorabilia. Use this as a decoration or for a practical, versatile and interesting piece to highlight anything you’d like.

Golden Snitch Light Off

This Golden Snitch lamp has a very interesting design. It features the Golden Snitch floating inside of a tall, illuminated bell jar. It throws off enough light that it is perfect for your desk, shelves or any area that requires the attention of the Harry Potter lamp. The bell jar measures 7.9-inches tall and is USB powered with an included USB cable. It is also an officially licensed Harry Potter merchandise item which assures you of the best in quality and craftsmanship.

Golden Snitch Light On

In a world filled with evil, it is refreshing to find ways to escape and enjoy the stories of a mythical time where wizards lived and all kinds of magic made things happen. This is one of the reasons why the Harry Potter series became so popular. It also opened our imaginations to other possibilities. Now you can display something from those stories with this incredible looking and authentic Golden Snitch light that you can use as soon as your receive and unpack it!

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