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Gooseneck Lazy Universal Mount Holder

Have you ever wished you had a third hand to help with various projects? Well, with this Gooseneck Lazy Mount that wish will come true. Essentially, this is a hands-free bracket that will hold just about any size handheld device so you can watch instructional videos and work on the project at the same time. It is also fully adjustable so that you will be able to make it firmly grip whatever tablet or smartphone you mount in it for your viewing pleasure.

Gooseneck Lazy Mount for iPhoneiPadTablets

The gooseneck arm on this Hands-Free Tablet Holder is flexible and bendable to give you the exact angle you need to see clearly whatever it is you are watching. Plus, there is an anti-slip holder incorporated in the design to provide a secure fit and grip and clamps firmly on a desk or other surface. In other words, once you mount your device in this clamp holder, it isn’t going to shake or slide out of place. This prevents your device from becoming damaged in any way.

Flexible Phone and Tablet Stand

What makes this Gooseneck Lazy Mount even more attractive is the ease of use. First off, there are no holes to drill as it uses a clamp. Second, the clamp is easy to mount and can be mounted within seconds. Third, it will clamp on many thicknesses – up to 1.8-inches. Finally, it is not bulky or awkward measuring just 12.6-inches by 4.7-inches by 2-inches. If you are in need of that third hand to hold your tablet or phone, this is the one item that will do that for you!

Lazy Mount Flexible Arm

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