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Sexy Chest One Piece Swimsuit

The hairy chest bathing suit is one of those Internet sensations that make excellent gag gifts. This is a woman’s tank style bathing suit. It has very nice coverage of the wearer’s real assets, but printed on the outside of the suit is a picture of a man’s hairy chest and back. At first glance, viewers might think that the wearer is naked. Then the second glance reveals that the physique revealed just doesn’t look right. It’s the perfect suit to wear if you just want to cause a sensation or if you want to scandalize your family.

Realistic Hairy Chest One Piece Swimsuit

The sexy chest swimsuit comes in two colors, a light beige color and a darker color, to give you a better chance of matching your own skin tone. Whether it’s a good match or not, this is a swimsuit that’s certain to get second, and maybe even third glances as people try to figure out just exactly what it is that you’re wearing. If you’re looking for that WTF response from people you encounter on the beach or as you are sunbathing in your backyard, or you just want to startle your family, this is certainly the bathing suit with which to do it.

Hairy Chest One Piece Swimsuit

You don’t have to wait for a trip to the beach to display this startling swimwear because you can wear it while doing yard work or as a costume. You can be certain of a strong response from viewers.

Sexy Chest One Piece Swimsuit Dark Skin

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