Hatching Dragon Candle

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Hatching Dragon Candle

The hatching dragon candle looks just like a scaly dragon egg. As the candle burns, it reveals a cute little dragon. This is the perfect gift for those who love dragons and candles. The surprise dragon egg candle is golden in color, but the little porcelain dragons inside are red, green or black. There’s no way of knowing just what color will emerge, so each candle is a surprise. Whether the recipient of the dragon egg is a fan of “How to Train Your Dragon” or “Game of Thrones,” or even some other sort of dragon fan, these beautiful candles are sure to please.

Hatching Dragon Egg Candle

No one will need to wade through fire or build a gigantic pyre to help these little dragons hatch. All you will need is one small match and a safe place to set your egg. You can let the wax melt away in one marathon burn, or you can pace yourself, savoring the surprise to come by burning the candle a little at a time.

Hatching Dragon Candle

Gift givers might need to be sensitive to the living space of recipients as some apartments don’t allow live flame candles or lamps. In most cases, this hatching dragon candle will make a fun gift that will leave the recipient with something to keep. There might be some difficulty cleaning the wax and soot from the little dragons, but a little soap and warm water will soon have them clean.

Surprise Dragon Egg Candle

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