Hyper Realistic Masks

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Hyper Realistic Masks

These Hyper Realistic Masks are made from something called Hyperflesh – a special material that makes them look so freakin’ realistic. Actually, this stuff looks so real you’d swear that the mask is actually the person it was made to look like. These make movie props look pale in comparison. For Halloween, you can definitely save face. If these were applied to accident victims or other forms of plastic surgery, you may not be able to tell where the real skin ends and that fake skin starts. It’s actually that good a product. This is what also makes it such an interesting Halloween prop. The realism is undeniable.

Hyper Realistic Masks

These masks are produced with a 3D printer which is followed by hours of detailed sculpting and hand painting. We didn’t use the word ‘painstaking’ not to make light of the work, but because it’s more of a given that this type of detailed sculpting is not easy nor is it quick.

Walter White Face

A single face covering will take weeks to complete and when you see how realistic they look, you’ll understand. So, who do you want to be this Halloween? Maybe a celebrity like Mike Tyson, Donald Trump, Walter White, actor Charlie Sheen or, why not, Ron Jeremy? What about Putin and Kim Jong Un?

Hyper Realistic Mask Baby Head

The list of masks is lengthy and your appearance in a hyperflesh mask will never be forgotten because these are hyper-realistic masks! So much so that you can honestly pretend to be someone else when you are wearing one.