Indestructible Shoes

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Indestructible Shoes

Everyone needs at least one pair of comfortable, indestructible shoes. If you’ve ever cleaned up a garage or picked up the debris after a construction crew has done work at your home, there’s a good chance you’ve experienced the surprise and pain of stepping on a nail and having it go right through the sole of your shoe. Or you might have been helping someone with a car and had the vehicle run over your toe. These are not fun experiences.

Indestructible Shoes

Originally designed as military battlefield shoes, the indestructible shoes feature extra tough soles that will stand up to nails or broken glass. They also have toe protectors that will not crush, even if a car runs over them. These shoes won’t protect you from everything, but they do have a tough, sturdy top that will breathe even while protecting your feet.

Military Battlefield Shoes

More than that, these shoes will also survive getting wet, being washed, and being walked in all day long. The tough soles have a skid proof bottom layer, a puncture-proof steel reinforced midsole, a premium insole, followed by a hi-poly insole for extra comfort. The uppers are green or blue camouflage mesh fabric that’s tough enough to take a dunking but will allow water to drain back out so that your feet aren’t perpetually in a swamp, not even a swamp created by perspiration. Whether you’re hiking or working long hours standing and walking on a concrete floor, these are excellent shoes for you.

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