Indoor Cat Tree House

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Indoor Cat Tree House

Give your cat a luxury home within your home with this Indoor Cat Tree House. It is designed not just to give your feline friend a place to hang out and spy on the rest of you. It is also designed to provide your kitty with a means to relax as well as exercise. Only they will be able to do either within a small footprint of the interior of your home rather than having to go outdoors. The design of the cat house is so that it will fit easily inside any room of any home.

Large Indoor Cat Tree House

Not only is this CatHaven Cat Condo easy to assemble cat furniture, taking less than 15-minutes, it requires no tools and will hold even chubby cats up to a total weight of 32 pounds. That should give you a sense of the strength and durability built into each of these products. There is a cat tower that is perfect for helping your cat stay in shape as it encourages jumping, scratching, climbing and – as we mentioned – relaxing. This is the most amazing cat condo around.

Cat Tree House

The parts are sturdy in that they are made from pressed wood and are covered in carpet and artificial leaves to make the entire unit look attractive wherever you choose to put it. The leaves also give your cat a place to hide as if out in nature. The base is round and measures 26 inches and is covered with artificial turf and the tree itself has three different perches. They are all carpeted and measure 18, 22 and 26 inches in diameter. This Indoor Cat Tree House is a great way to spoil your cat!

CatHaven Cat Condo

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