Iron Throne Egg Cup

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Iron Throne Egg Cup

Ah, yes… breakfast. No one ever said you couldn’t enjoy it without breaking a few eggs. Well, with this Iron Throne Egg Cup you’ll truly gain a much better understanding that sometimes the first meal of the day is not exactly what it is cracked up to be. Packaged as a throne for your egg, this miniature version of the iron throne, complete with detailing to show it was made from several teeny tiny swords, will get your breakfast off to a great start. There’s no need to get all scrambled or fried about what is about to happen to the egg you let sit in the throne. It’s a novelty gift that the true Game of Thrones fan in your life will enjoy immensely.

Iron Throne Egg Cup

The Iron Throne Egg Cup is egg-ceptional. It is molded to exact specifications so that it not only resembles the true throne, it will conjure up all kinds of breakfast table discussion that could actually make your family bond a little tighter while sharing their stories. It may be the one way you’ll be able to get the family to start eating eggs again at the breakfast table. After all, we all know how messy egg cups can be, so this mini throne can turn you instantly into the Lord of the Seven Kingdoms just be cradling your egg with style and purpose. Don’t be afraid to have more than one of these on the table, because nothing tastes egg-actly like an egg treated like television royalty!

Game Of Thrones Themed Egg Holder

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