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The Jesus Toaster

Here’s a twist on Our Daily Bread! It’s a Jesus Toaster. You read that correctly. Nothing saves your breakfast or sandwich like a piece of toast with an image of Jesus burned directly into it. We aren’t kidding. This novelty toaster burns hmm… okay, it prints the lovable face of the Almighty One Himself on the surface of a piece of toast. Talk about a holy and righteous way to take a bite into a blessed loaf of bread – all you need now is some fish and scriptures.

Breakfast Jesus Toast

Even if it isn’t unleavened bread you can still praise Him with this super amazing Jesus toaster. All you have to do is stick your slice into the top slots, click down the lever that starts the toasting process and faster than you can repent or repeat the first two verses of the Lord’s Prayer, you will be blessed with a meal that is not only evenly crisp on both sides, but one side will feature a framable portrait of Jesus smiling right back at you.

Jesus Toaster

Well, it looks like he could be smiling. Either way, you can lay hands on your food and feel the healing power of a God-inspired sandwich. This makes a perfect gift for your Pastor, the lady who plays hymn music at church, the guy down the street who thinks you are a nut bar and even the Heathens you have in your life. Share a little Jesus love while you spread peanut butter across his image on your browned bread. Recommended by 9 out of 10 Christians.

Jesus Face Toaster

There is no doubt that whether or not you know Him or have Him in your life, the truly stunning impression of the Alpha and Omega on your toast will make you a believer – in The Great Toast. The toaster comes with a removable crumb tray, a power cord storage location and regardless of how hot this item may be, it has a cool touch operation. You won’t find this product in your average hardware store or thrift shop so don’t delay and order yours before the Second Coming. Amen!

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