Jumbo Pierre Pillow

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Jumbo Pierre Pillow

Who wouldn’t want to have a nice, soft, firm and cuddly body pillow to curl up with after a long day at the office? Well, ladies, the Jumbo Pierre Pillow is all of that plus a little bit more. It comes in the shape of something you will very likely recognize at first glance and whether or not you feel the need to get up close and personal to one doesn’t matter. This is one body pillow that can truly transform the way you sleep at night and how you view the man in your life.

Jumbo Penis Body Pillow

Measuring a full four feet in length, there is a whole lot to the Willy Pillow that you may not notice right away. It’s a pretty cute little fellow, to be honest with you. The top of the pillow features a head-shape that is complete with eyes and a mouth. The length of the pillow is cylindrical and huggable making those lonely nights when he is gone a little bit more bearable knowing that you have something that reminds you of him to cuddle up to and squeeze.

The Willy Pillow

The bottom of this elongated pillow contains two large round parts that help to give this pillow some weight and helps to complete the look. You can use it to sleep on, with or to keep you company because it is the size of a large dog. The main difference is that the Jumbo Pierre Pillow doesn’t make any noise nor does it leave a mess. Feeling kind of lonesome tonight? Grab a hold of this unique body pillow and feel loved in a whole new way!

Jumbo Pierre the Penis Body Pillow

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