Laser Bike Lane

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Laser Bike Lane

If you are a biker, you’ll appreciate this handy little gadget. We’re talking two-wheeled bicycle here. For your weekend explorations or just for the ride into work, you want to get to your destination safely. That is why designated bike routes and bike lanes were established. However, there are places you may want to take your bike that do not have these. Well, with this Laser Bike Lane device you will always have a bike lane to follow wherever you go.

Bike Line Light

That’s because this Virtual Bicycle Safety Lane creates a marked path for you at all times. It does that with a light package that not only provides higher visibility of you to other traffic, but it also lays out a bike path ahead of you. The light includes five highly visible red LEDs that act as taillights and the unit also emits two bright red laser lines ahead of your bike. The lines will mark your virtual bike lane on pavement and whatever kind of surface you tend to travel on.

Virtual Bicycle Safety Lane

The lights are also bright enough to provide you with side and rear visibility which adds to your road safety. Plus, these bright red LEDs can be seen up to a mile away. The design is sleek, attractive and is also shock and weatherproof. The light package requires batteries for operation, and a set is included. Want to just hit the road for a trip to the grocery store or to while away an afternoon? With this laser bike lane working for you, you will always get there safely!

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