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Lazy Glasses

The name Lazy Glasses might not ring a bell for many people; however, they have become a very popular item. So what are Lazy Glasses? Contrary to its name, Lazy Glasses are not for lazy people. Instead, they are special kind of glasses which carry a unique design with the inclusion of prism lens making it easy for people to read or view things even while laying flat or sitting straight. It is no secret that reading books, viewing the screens of your laptops, TVs and smartphones in the normal position takes a toll on your neck, shoulders and back. As such finding, a safer alternative should become a necessity.

Prismatic Spectacles

With Lazy Glasses, the problem of spraining or stressing out your neck or even your eyes for that matter is significantly reduced. This is because these come with a unique design wherein there are prisms attached to both sides of the glasses. This means that you can read or watch anything while lying down flat or looking straight without any difficulty. The prisms that come with it are also of high quality and horizontally oriented to ensure a wide field of view, be it while reading books, watching videos or working on your computer.

Horizontal Lazy Glasses

These Prismatic Glasses are also highly versatile and thus can be used on top of other spectacles be it prescriptive or ordinary ones. Lazy Glasses are also perfect for those suffering from neck ailments, shoulder or back injuries, eye problems and a host of other head, neck, and back-related pains. This makes them the perfect purchase for those looking to adopt a healthier approach to reading and viewing things.

Prismatic Lazy Glasses

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