LED Charging Cable

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LED Charging Cable

When you are charging your phone, wouldn’t it be cool if the charging cable you were using actually lit up? Well, with this innovative LED Charging Cable, your wish has suddenly come true. Made with high-quality PVC, this cable has a jacket that is not just durable, but has increased flexibility which is also tangle-resistant and features reinforced stress points. As a result, this phone charging cord may last longer than any other ones you have owned before.

Light Up Smartphone Accessory

The cord is also long enough to permit use in various locations including in a vehicle, on a bed, in the office and many more situations where a shorter cord just becomes limiting. Plus, the LED lights built into this will provide you with an entertaining visual of flowing color. It makes charging your device fun and interesting when required.

Red LED Charging Cable

Not only does this LED Charging Cable look attractive, it also does the job you would expect it to. It provides both a fast charge and fast data transfer rates. You can use it with a wall charger, car charger adaptor, power bank and portable battery charger. This could very well be the last charging cord you will ever need. Plus, the way in which it lights up makes it easy to find when charging at night or in low light settings.

Green LED Charging Cable

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