LED Stickman Costumes

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LED Stickman Costumes

As if it wasn’t scary enough that these costumes are black, the LEDs that are built into them form the shape of a stickman. Not a very well drawn one either and from a distance appear as if a child’s scribbling attempt at drawing a stickman transformed into the size of an average adult human. That’s precisely what this is. It is not one of those cheesy looking costumes that you find at your local dollar store for just over a dollar that won’t last the night.

Light up stick figure suit

These LED Stickman Costumes are so well made that they were tested by skydivers in temperatures below -20F. While that is a pretty incredible claim, there is no word on what people thought seeing these oversized stickmen falling from the sky. The light-up stick figure suit comes complete with a black hoodie and black pants with clear straps to hold the LEDs in place. There’s also a custom pocket to stash the battery box which holds 8 AA batteries, which are not included.

Adult LED stickman costume

The LEDs are encased in a silicone sleeve that protects them from weather and erasure by giant pencil erasers. The kit can also be adapted with an additional connector to accommodate LED glasses and ears. There is a controller that lets you choose from six different brightness levels and six different flashing modes. Imagine seeing one of these LED stickmen in your front yard glowing steady, pulsing, blinking, flashing or strobing. It’ll keep the nosy neighbors out of your business fast and efficiently!

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