Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

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Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

Music is pretty cool to begin with, but when you get to hear it in a unique way, well, music is that much more enjoyable. This Levitating Bluetooth Speaker is one such example. It actually spins above a magnetic base which creates the illusion of a floating speaker orb. The unique design features a special sound guide cone which actually increases the 3D surround sound effect. The magnetic base keeps the actual speaker floating at about 10-centimeters above the surface which enhances the visual appeal of this classic, stunning and beautiful way to deliver music. You can use it in the public (your backyard, for example) or in the privacy of your own home for personal enjoyment – any way you like to enjoy your tunes.

Ice Orb Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

Thanks to a built-in NFC function, this Ice Orb Levitating Bluetooth Speaker can be set to communicate with any smartphone or tablet. That means you can use it as you would any other Bluetooth-enabled extension speaker. There is no need for wires, cables or plug-ins. You just place the floating speaker where you want it to be and connect with any device to access your existing playlists. It couldn’t be much easier and talk about a conversation starter at your next pool party or outdoor barbecue! That floating orb speaker is going to get you some attention, for sure!

Floating Bluetooth Speaker

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