Loch Ness Monster Spoon

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Loch Ness Monster Spoon

You know, we never really thought that Cousin Paddy was all there. It’s not that he isn’t in the proper state of mind, it’s just that we tend to question some of his stories. Sure, they all seem believable and if he were around in the internet age there would be no doubt that his stories could be verified. The troubling thing is that as outlandish as some of his stories were, they always had some shred of truth to them and a simple moral lesson at the end. So when he used to talk about mini sea monsters we typically shrugged it off and blamed his like of liquor as the fuel behind the story.

Cute Nessie Spoon

That was usually the case except for the one mini sea monster story that eventually morphed into a tale about the Loch Ness Monster Spoon. This product is actually a colander as opposed to a spoon and it is quite simply the cutest one on the planet. It’s most certainly far from scary and not all that much of a monster if you take a good look at it. It is made from BPA free material and the ‘legs’ that are part of the design allow the Loch Ness Monster Spoon to stand upright and proud as it holds vegetables or noodles that have been drained, or are currently draining all over your countertop. Either way, this is practical and fun to use.

Nessie Spoon

We’re only sorry that Cousin Paddy isn’t around to see this thing. Oh, by the way, this particular model is just one of several different sized colanders that make up the entire Nessie Family. They come in different colors so you can tell them apart. Just don’t be too surprised if one day you go to your kitchen drawer to pull one out only to discover they are missing. Hint! They look like great bathtub and backyard toys for young children with active imaginations. We didn’t say that for any reason other than to warn you that your kids may get as much use out of them as you will. Clearly, this product is not as scary as originally planned!

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