Lord of the Rings Chess Set

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Rock the Shire with this truly collectible and incredible authentic Lord of the Rings Chess Set. If you love the game of chess, and you love LOTR, you will most certainly love this masterpiece. Even if you don’t play chess, can’t understand it or could care less if you ever learned the game, your home, study or den will stand out when it has this amazing collection sitting somewhere on display for all to see.

Lord of the Rings Chess Game

So what’s the big deal here? Well, it’s like this. The 32 playing pieces in this set are not your standard chess pieces. Each one of them is precise miniature sculptures in pewter of the actual cast members of the Lord of the Rings. Some of the characters you can find here are Aragorn, Gandalf, Boromir, Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin, Arwen, Galadriel on white’s side and Saruman, Lurtz, Uruk-hai, four different orcs, a cave troll, Orthanc Tower and a Ringwraith on black’s side.


The Tolkien’s world is captured in great detail on this awesome chess collection. In fact, an ancient map of Middle-earth is mounted just below the playing surface. The board measures a full 15 inches by 15 inches and the base that holds it is designed to depict several of the scenes from the original movie along with the heroes you have grown to love.


There is no doubt that for fans of Middle-earth this Lord of the Rings Chess Set will be a required collectible. However, it is designed in such a professional and authentic manner that even non-fans of the trilogy would find this to be a classic and stunning addition to a collection or a souvenir that will hold its value for quite some time. As a gift, you would do extremely well by giving this to someone special in your life.

Lord of the Rings Chess Instructions

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