Magic Wand Remote Control

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Magic Wand Remote Control

There are times when you really do want to have complete control of the remote control. For a change, this Magic Wand Remote Control can give you the power you need to control anything in your entertainment center that normally uses a battery operated handheld controlling device. The main difference here is that the remote is in the shape of a magic wand. It also comes in handy when you are attempting to cast a spell on someone in the room, as a just for fun example.

Magic Wand TV Remote

The serious part about this Magic Wand TV Remote is that it can control more than just your TV. It can actually be programmed to operate 13 different infrared codes that you can replay using up to thirteen different gestures. For example, turn on your stereo by waving the magic wand remote at the entertainment center. Change channels on your TV by dipping the wand with a flick of your wrist. Increase or decrease the volume with an upward swish of the wand.

Magic Wand Remote Control

In other words, you can turn the mundane activities of operating a remote control into a fun activity that compliments the use of a magic wand. This product works with most televisions, DVD players, DVRs, stereo systems and much more. And there are no lengthy codes to punch in with a keypad. The magic wand learns the infrared codes instantly and will retain that information for whenever you need it. Twirling this wand will get you control of the remote!

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