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Magisso Stainless Steel Cake Server

We are never fans of letting someone else cut dessert for us. That’s because the slices of the cake are never uniform and if it happens to be a layer cake, our serving is usually destroyed. Well, that will never happen again thanks to the Magisso Cake Server. It is one of the kitchen gadgets your kitchen is definitely screaming for. It makes cake and dessert cutting an art and something that anyone can do without messing it up or spilling parts of it all over the place.

Perfect Slice Cake Server

Essentially, this is a shaped flat piece of metal that you drop into the dessert. It is tall enough that it will hold the piece together as you clamp it tight. Lift the cut piece off the serving plate and deliver it to a smaller plate for consumption. Repeat each step and you’ll discover that each and every piece of dessert served it not only uniform and matching in size, each one remains upright and intact. This tool will improve your dessert serving skills in an instant.

Magisso Cake Server

You could quite easily call this the perfect slice cake server and you’d be right. There is no other product like this in the marketplace. The design is simple. You grasp the piece of cake from all around it instead of underneath it. This is a revolutionary way to serve desserts and it works. Never be stuck with trying to measure pieces to cut them evenly ever again. This Magisso Cake Server will take all the hard work out of enjoying an after-meal treat.

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