Magnetic Balance Lamp

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Magnetic Balance Lamp

This is called Magnetic Balance Lamp for a good reason. That’s because it uses magnetic balls to create a balance and also functions as a lamp. Sure, our description is not telling you all the details, but once you see this beautiful and stylish Heng masterpiece, you will be impressed and amazed. The design incorporates a combination of both, classical and modern styles, that work well together creating a truly attractive art piece.

Heng Lamp

The Heng Magnetic Balance Lamp features a total of 48 LED light beads that are contained within the unique design. They’re bright enough to create an effective, useful light and will last a long, long time with an estimated 50,000 hours of light life. We haven’t actually timed it ourselves, but we are going to say that we believe the manufacturer on that little piece of added data. There is also a convenient USB power supply port built into the design.

Wood Magnetic Balance Lamp

What impresses us the most is how you actually turn the light on or off. There is no actual switch, so you don’t have a moving part that can wear down over time, but you do have the floating magnetic balls.

Heng Magnetic Balance Lamp

To turn the light on you lift the bottom magnetic ball which is attracted by the upper magnetic ball. This turns the lamp on and then the balls will float in balance in the center of the oval shape. The LED light beams, embedded into the frame, provide light without producing heat which keeps the lamp cool to the touch and a great looking piece that can be used in any room of your home. It’s also a great conversation starter as well.

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