Magnetic Balls

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Magnets are pretty cool even when you aren’t using them for something useful or scientific. These magnetic balls make amazing building blocks for people who love to tinker with things. The pea-sized magnets are spherical in shape. In spite of their small size, they are powerful little magnets that can stick together in many different ways, giving the capability of making an amazing array of shapes. With that said, these magnetic balls are great for fidgety fingers. Keep them on your desk or in your pocket if you’re one of those people who just cannot seem to sit still for an extended amount of time.

Brainspark DigitDots

They can be shaped into octagons, diamonds, stars, and many other beautiful shapes. Placed in a glass display case, the DigiDots can show off your construction skills. They are also a tremendous amount of repeatable fun for people who like to build and make things. If you have several sets, you can have a magnet building marathon with friends or family members or even host magnet building contests.

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