Magnetic Doorstop

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Magnetic Doorstop

One of our favorite ways to use the power of the magnetic force is with doors. Luckily, this stylish looking Magnetic Flush Doorstop provides an amazing function at an affordable price. Essentially it is a virtually invisible piece of magnet that you mount onto your floor. Naturally, you have to have a small metal plate under the door that will pass overtop the magnet when the door swings open or closed. It is truly a Minimalist Magnetic Doorstop that is far more effective than you may think.

Magnetic Doorstop

Even if your door swings quickly, the magnetic pin in the floor will activate within 2/25ths of a second capturing that door and bringing it to a screeching halt. The magnetic doorstop is powerful enough to do that and it will hold that door in place until you tug it out of range of the magnetic force.

Fantom Doorstop

How does this work? If you remember Grade 8 Science, then you will totally understand what makes the metal bracket under the door so important in the overall function of this doorstop. The magnet is flush with your floor so you won’t trip on it and it won’t cause issues when vacuuming or moving furniture. It won’t get in the way of anything you have to do in the room you have it mounted. Need a doorstop that is classy and cool? This is it!

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