Magnetic Window Cleaner

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Magnetic Window Cleaner

Washing your windows just got a whole lot easier. With the Magnetic Window Cleaner, you can basically cut your window-washing time in half. To use The Glider, just separate the pieces, with one piece on the outside of the window, and the other piece on the inside. Then, place the pieces together and they’ll automatically snap in place with the magnets that are attached. Pull The Glider back and forth like you would clean any window, and now both sides of your window will be washed at the same time. It’s like your very own window-washing buddy.

Magnetic Window Cleaner

Gone are the days of spending so much time keeping your windows clean. The Magnetic Window Cleaner contains 4 natural rubber squeegees and 2 micro-fiber clothes for cleaning up any extra residue. It also has a 6-foot string to attach to the outside piece so you can avoid dropping it. The super-strong earth magnets are also included, which is the magic that keeps the two pieces together.

The Glider

If you’re ready to be the envy of your neighborhood with squeaky clean windows, The Glider is what you need to get. Your neighbors are going to be knocking on the door to ask your secret! It’s so clever that even the kids will be wanting to get in on some of the window-cleaning chore action.

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