Magnetic Wristband

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Magnetic Wristband

What do you get when you embed super strong magnets in a durable polyester wristband? You get the Magnogrip magnetic tool wristband! It’s your third hand when working with hand tools as it can easily and comfortably hold nails, screws and even small tools for ease of access. It’s also versatile enough to attach to ladders, metal shelving or any other magnetic surface where you are working and can use an extra bit of help holding some materials you are using.

Magnogrip Magnetic Tool Wristband

It is far more than just a magnetic wristband. It may not be big, but it can do a huge job. Measuring at just 3.5 inches wide with a maximum circumference of 12 inches, you can ‘mount’ this wristband wherever it has to be to make your job a little bit easier. It will hold a maximum weight of one pound which can translate to a whole lot of nails or screws and a few small tools. When you need it, you’ll appreciate this in ways you’ll never imagine until the time comes.

Magnogrip Wristband

If you happen to be one of those creative woodworkers or craftsman that prefers to work on projects alone, you’ll get a great deal of use out of one of these. This powerful hidden magnet wristband will be your newest favourite tool in the box. Take it anywhere you need it and it will perform. You won’t be disappointed as it requires no batteries and no extra attention. Just hang it, wrap it or wear it and you’ll be good to go. This is quite simply your best tool caddy!

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