Mazzucato Reversible Watch

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Mazzucato Rim Men’s Reversible Automatic and Chronograph Watch

It’s no secret that the watchmaking industry has become monotonous and stale. However, at the same time, a few companies are trying to reinvent it with innovation and new concepts. One such new name is Mazzucato, which is being led by Simone Mazzucato, its founder and creative director. And so if you are someone on the lookout for an innovative and fresh take on a watch, the Mazzucato Reversible Watch might be the one for you.

Mazzucato Reversible Watch

This watch has been designed with the Rim of an automobile in mind and takes its inspiration from the wheel of a car. In addition to its ingenious design, it also possesses superb build quality. The Mazzucato Reversible Watch comes enclosed in a high-quality 316L steel case while the glass is made using scratch and reflection resistant K1 mineral glass. It also possesses FKM straps whereas its dial is made from anodized aluminum. The watch also boasts water resistance of up to 50 meters and can withstand 5 atmospheres, making it highly durable.

Mazzucato Rim Chronograph Dual Movements

The Mazzucato RIM breaks from the mold and is one of the most striking and innovative watches you will ever come across. Its standout feature is the reversible design, made possible because of its unique reverse mechanism. The watch thus comes with two faces, an analog face on one side and a chronograph on the other side. This unique reversible mechanism allows you to change from analog to chronograph and vice-versa with just a simple twist, making it super versatile at all times. As such if you want a watch which comes with all the bells and whistles while also offering the best of both worlds, the Mazzucato Reversible Watch is the best choice.

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