Message In A Bottle USB Drive

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Message In A Bottle USB Drive

We’ve daydreamed about the day wandering the beach and discovering a bottle washed ashore with a message stuffed inside. It’s a romantic and historic dream of many who live near or have access to beaches. Now you can actually make that dream come true with this amazing Message In A Bottle USB Drive. Think about that for a moment. With the technology of today, it couldn’t be easier to stick a message inside of a glass container than this unique item.

Message In A Bottle USB Flashdrive

This bottle is not your ordinary bottle. It is empty and has a cork top. But built into that cork top is a 8GB USB drive. See if you follow us here: you download some data onto the cork thumb drive and store it in the bottle. Now you have a message in a bottle. It couldn’t be any easier and what a great way to bring the idea of a washed up bottle with a message in it to life. You’ll want to get one of these for yourself and for a friend for sure.

Message In A Bottle USB Flash Drive

Call it unique and interesting if you will but we find it to be a great spin on the classic tale. In other words, thanks to the new technology we use daily, we can now put a contemporary spin on the romantic idea of a message stuffed inside of a bottle. This stunning-looking bottle will sit tall on your desk or on a shelf quietly reminding you that there is a message or two living comfortably on the USB cork flash drive!

Glass Bottle USB Drive

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