Metal Tube Squeezer

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Metal Tube Squeezer

The Metal Tube Squeezer may be unheard for many; however, once you get to know its use, there’s no going back. Also known as a Tube Wringer, this is a tool which has been created to help you get the most out of products that come inside tubes. It was originally designed over 38 years ago in Oregon, USA and continues to be in production till date.

Paint Tube Squeezer

When we take a look at our lives, we find that we are all dependent on tube products in one way or the other. The most common products that come inside of tubes are toothpaste, ointments, adhesive, and paints. However, we find that we never extract full use out of the products that come inside the tube. This not only causes monetary loss but also creates a lot of unwanted waste as well. This is where the Tube-Wringer comes into play.

Multi Purpose Tube Squeezers

The Metal Tube Squeezer is designed in such a way to extract the last drop out from the tube. This tool is built on a sturdy metal frame and comes with two rotating aluminum rollers connected to a steel handle. All you have to do is to place the tube between the rollers and then rotate handle. The aluminum rollers are sturdy and capable of squeezing even the hardest of metal tubes and makes easy work of plastic and rubber tubes as well. Therefore whether you wish to squeeze toothpaste, ointments, adhesives or anything that comes inside of a tube, the Metal Tube Squeezer is your best companion.

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