Moving Beer Pong Robot

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Moving Beer Pong Robot

Anybody who’s spent time on a major college campus has had some sort of exposure to the widely popular game of beer pong. Whether they’ve merely spectated while frat brothers exchange barbs and drop shots or if they’ve become part of the elite class of pong patrollers, the game is most likely no mystery to them. Beer pong is an age-old tradition at frat parties and tailgates alike, but there’s only so much that can be done to make the game interesting. Fortunately for beer-sports enthusiasts around the world, the game of beer pong has recently received a brotastic upgrade thanks to Moving Beer Pong Robot!

Robotic Beer Pong Bot

Pongbot is a revolutionary new robot that can humble even the most seasoned beer pong champions. For years, partiers were stuck shooting ping pong balls at stationary cups on the other end of the table. Sure, that was fun for a while, but Pongbot brings a whole new level of difficulty and entertainment to this wet and wild game!

Pongbot Controller

This can hold 5 of your favorite colored party cups, spinning, darting, and moving randomly about the table as you attempt to sink your shot. The movements are random, so even the best players will have a tough time predicting where they need to place their next shot or bounce in order to bring their ball back.

Pongbot Moving Beer Pong Robot

With a state-of-the-art sensor, Moving Beer Pong Robot will remain safely on the table, preventing any need to pick up fallen cups or mop up the sticky floors (not that you were going to do that anyway). Even the most skilled super-seniors on the block will find themselves taking on a new challenge that they haven’t seen before. The pregame just got a little more intense now!

Moving Beer Pongbot

In addition to a self-driving mechanism, takes competition to the next level by providing a remote control that allows others to control the motions. Speed, spin and deke out your opponent by controlling Pongbot to the best of your ability. The key is to be as unpredictable as possible – but don’t go too far because it’ll be your turn to try to sink your shots after your enemy is finished! Drive it to the other end of the room for a long shot tournament or keep him moving to see who can pull of the greatest trick shot in the history of the campus!

Pongbot Box

If you’ve been playing the same old game of beer pong for too long, it’s time to upgrade to this! Stop with the closed-eye, behind-the-back shots, because Pongbot will dart out of your way, rendering your show-off shot completely useless. For a hilarious, entertaining challenge, that funny gadget has everything that you need for your next frat party or tailgate. This makes a great gift for anyone in your family and will provide hours of fun at all of your upcoming events!

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