Mushrooms Night Light

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Mushrooms Night Light

We used to dream of mushrooms. It had nothing to do with hallucinations related to certain varieties of them, either. Well, at least that was our story. The dreams we had were the product of stories our parent would tell us combined with our young and overactive imaginations. We always looked at mushroom soup suspiciously after that – just to be safe. Then we discovered these stunning mushrooms night light gadgets. They are not just cute, but they do a pretty good job of lighting up a specific area. The entire unit includes what looks like an old log and a group of mushrooms that appear to be sprouting up off of the log.

Mushrooms Lamp

When plugged in, the mushrooms have an eerie yellow glow to them – much like the ones we used to dream about all the time. The only thing that is close to that is the dreams we used to have about a yellow glowing head but that is a very different story. This glowing mushrooms night light is a great item to have in your home to light up a room or the hallway.

Mushroom Lamp

Small LEDs are what produce the interesting yellow glow and as a result, they are cool to the touch and will not burn off much energy so your power bill will barely be affected. Also, LED lights are better for the environment and will probably last longer than your home. So, basically you buy them once and you’ll never have to replace them anytime in the near future. For some reason, none of that appeared in any of our dreams and that’s okay. It’s the mysterious glow that we like the most from these night lights and we know you will like them as well!

Glowing Mushroom Night Light

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