Nerf Dog Ball Blaster

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Nerf Dog Ball Blaster

You’ve probably played amusing Nerf gun war games at home or office when the boss is not around. The shooting games are fun for everybody except your dog. The poor animal can only stare and wag ears feeling left out. This shouldn’t be the case when you have a Nerf Dog Ball Blaster.

Nerf Dog Ball Launcher

This innovative toy is a powerful ball launcher that can launch your dog’s fetching ball up to a distance of 50 feet in the air. When the dog fetches, just put the gun’s muzzle on the ball to retrieve it instantly. That’s total hands-free reloading which not only saves time and keeps the game in-play but also helps you avoid touching slobbery tennis balls while reloading. Now, all you need to do is pull back the gun’s handle like a pro and shoot again. It’s easy and fun.

Nerf Dog Ball Blaster

If you’re concerned about safety, the Nerf Dog Ball Blaster’s mechanism has no moving parts that can pose a danger to your hands. You only move the handle to reload and you are good to go for another round of your furry buddy’s fetching game. Using it is as easy as pulling back on its handle, loading, and shooting.

Nerf Dog Ball Gun

The gun is compatible with standard sized or smaller tennis balls. You even get it with four balls of different colors included in the purchase. Don’t let your dog have all the fun while playing fetch. Join the action with this exciting Nerf Dog Ball Blaster. After all fetching games are supposed to be fun for everyone involved.

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