Nuclear Explosion Lamp

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Nuclear Explosion Lamp

Nothing grabs the attention of the average person like an unexpected nuclear explosion can. And now you can decorate your home with your very own miniature mushroom cloud lamp. It’s true. Take a good look and you’ll see this is really the closest you’ll ever want to be to such an intense burst of energy – not to mention the high concentrations of radioactivity. Which, by the way, this nuclear explosion lamp does not contain nor will it ever contain such material.

3D Printed Nuclear Explosion Lamp

What this lamp does contain is a 3D printed lampshade that resembles your average nuclear explosion – test or otherwise. How we got our hands on this is classified information, but you can get your hands on one or more of these as easy as pulling off a hazmat suit. Don’t look at the flash! Actually, this beautiful 3D lampshade makes this product something to look at. You may even find yourself sitting across the room and staring at it for hours on end because it’s that cool.

Mushroom Cloud Shaped Nuke Lamp

The actual lampshade is printed in PLA plastic with a 100-micron layer resolution which is scientific talk for “it will look bitchin’ once you get it inside your home” and we agree. It’s just one of those things that not only catch your eye but it sort of scares you a little bit. You know, like driving by an accident scene and still slowing down enough to try to see what happened. This mushroom cloud lamp is a lot like that only smaller and something that’ll fit indoors.

Mushroom-cloud Lamp

Did we mention that this lampshade is going to create a lot of conversation wherever you choose to put it? Well, be prepared because it will. You could put it on an end table just outside the door that leads to your underground bomb shelter and if you don’t have one of those, you can just put this nuclear explosion lamp wherever it happens to fit the best. Regardless of what you do with it, it won’t glow in the dark unless you turn the lamp on and leave on at all times.

Explosion Lampshade

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