Nutella Jar Scraping Spoon

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Nutella Jar Scraping Spoon

Don’t you just hate it when you reach for a jar of peanut butter or your favorite spread only to discover that it is almost empty? We used to whine about it at the family table all the time. It never got us anywhere, either. That’s because our younger sister was the ‘favorite’ child and always got her way. It was anything but fair and we always got reminded of it whenever the jar of whatever we put on toast made its way to where we were seated. It was such a painful experience that we vowed to get even one day. Naturally, we all grew up and that day never actually occurred. Well, until now, because this unique Nutella Jar Scraping Spoon is exactly the tool we needed back when we were kids.

Nutella Jar Scraping Spoon

This handy little gadget is promoted as the world’s best cooking spoon because it has a squeegee tip and flexible sides which permit maximum surface contact that will guarantee that you’ll be able to collect every last drop of whatever remains in the bottom of the jar. It even has a nifty little bend in the handle that will let you sit this mini supoon flat on a counter or plate without the spoon part touching the surface.

Nutella Jar Scraping Spoons

Also, the handle is made from nylon and the scraper/spoon part is made of high-grade silicone. Oh, but the details don’t end there. This mini Nutella Jar Scraping Spoon comes in various colors so you can do your best to have it match the rest of your kitchen décor.

Mini Nutella Jar Scraping Spoon

Or, if you are anything like us, you’ll pick a color that no one else likes so that you know that the gadget won’t go missing. When we say ‘missing’ we mean that your crazy neighbor next door isn’t going to sneak it out one day during a casual coffee break. Well, that’s the theory, anyway. Regardless, you’ll never wish your fingers or tongue were long enough to get to the bottom of the jar ever again!

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