Over The Sink Dish Rack

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Over The Sink Dish Rack

Do you love spending all your time drying and putting dishes away in the cabinet? Of course you don’t! That’s why this super-smart over the sink dish rack is a genius invention. The kitchen organizer lets you place your wet dishes in the dish slots to drip-dry right into your sink. It eliminates the need for cumbersome drying racks that take up so much room. You’ll end up saving a ton of time with this kitchen organizer that also frees up space on your kitchen counter.

Over The Sink Drying Rack

There’s no need for complicated installation with this over the sink dish rack. You can simply place the rack right above your kitchen sink faucet. It has two different tiers and fits over most normally sized sinks. There’s a smaller version which is 25.6 inches wide and a larger version measuring 33.5 inches wide. It’s a great option for smaller kitchens because it saves space!

Kitchen Organizer

Apparently, the Finnish have been using this dish rack drying method for years. Now, the world is finally catching on. In Finland, this type of kitchen organizer is called astiankuivauskaappi which is a compound word for dish, dry, and cabinet. It’s a major space saver, incredibly practical, and makes a major task like dish drying much simpler. The Finnish really are brilliant!

Dish drying cabinet

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