Paint Roller Cleaner

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Paint Roller Cleaner

Painting, as we all know, is a messy job who require a lot of time, skill, and effort. However, after completing such work, the thought of having to clean your paint roller is highly dreaded. But with the Paint Roller Cleaner from Roller Ready, your worries about cleaning your tool is gone. And that because, with this product, you will be able to clean any of your paint rollers in just a matter of seconds.

Roller Ready Paint Roller Cleaner

The cleaner device can be attached to any of your cordless drills allowing you to clean a paint roller in a few seconds. The Ready Roller comes with a simple design, and using it is very easy. All you have to do is attach it to a drill, place the dirty roller over the Ready Roller, put it into a bucket, and then switch the drill on. The movement of the drill will ensure that all the paint in your dirty roller drains out quickly. For best results, it is advised to dip the roller into a second bucket with water in it and then perform the same steps after that.

Drill Attachment Tool

The Paint Roller Cleaner comes in two types: the plastic one cleans paint rollers up to 9 inches long, whereas the aluminum one cleans paint rollers up to 18 inches long. This device is highly practical and economical, allowing you to save paint rollers which might otherwise be discarded. It is also compatible with a majority of drills, be it cordless or corded ones. This makes the Paint Roller Cleaner a must-have for all painters as well as home-owners.

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