Palm-Sized Dog Scrubber

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Palm-Sized Dog Scrubber

Washing your dog is one of those tiring things in life. The back-breaking work is not only complicated but quite uncomfortable for your pet too. That’s why most of them avoid it as much as they can possibly do. However, with an Aquapaw Palm-Sized Dog Scrubber, washing your four-legged friend is not only easier but fun too. This is a wearable dog bathing tool that fits in your palm and can easily be connected to a garden hose. It’s a handy device that allows you to scrub and spray your pet at the same time.

Aquapaw Palm-Sized Dog Scrubber

The Aquapaw tool can be turned on and off with a simple press of a button giving you total control over fidgeting animal and water flow during the bathing process. It saves you time, reduces the splash and mess associated with the bathing exercise, and eliminates bathing stress. Its innovative on/off button allows simple one-handed operation. You can easily clean the dog with one hand while the other hand keeps it under control.

Pet Bathing Tool

The Palm-Sized Dog Scrubber comes with an adapter for both indoor and outdoor use. You can even wash your furry friend in the garden if you so wish. Anyone can use it with much ease, even if you’ve never worn a glove before. The device comes with an easy-to-understand instructions manual to help you set it up and provide a massaging wash as quickly as possible.

Palm-Sized Dog Scrubber and Sprayer

Aquapaw has a slim flexible design and won’t interfere with your hand’s dexterity. It even features an adjustable strap at the back to ensure that it fits firmly on hands of different shapes and sizes. If you find it hard to keep your dog still while giving them a nice thorough wash, get this wearable pet bathing tool.

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