Penis Ring Holder

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Penis Ring Holder

Don’t you hate when you either go to the sink to wash your hands or hop into the shower that there is nowhere sensible to keep your rings until you are finished? Sure, you can pull them off and pile them next to the sink, but what if one gets lost or falls into the sink and causes some damage to the setting? It’s not worth trying to keep them nearby with such a risk that can result in a costly repair or replacement.

Naked Man Ring Holder

That was until now. This Penis Ring Holder is the answer you were looking for. But, before you start you imagine what this could really be about, let us explain further. The tiny naked lad is pretty much as the name implies. It’s a little man statue completely naked with his arms extended as well, an um… erection. Don’t worry, that’s actually sort of the whole point of this product. It has to have an erection in order to work properly.

Black Man Ring Holder

And here is how this handy and horny little guy helps you with your rings. You set him on a counter in your bathroom or near the kitchen sink. As you remove your rings, bracelets and necklaces, you can mount them on the naked body. His outstretched arms can hold your bracelets and necklaces. His outstretched um… erect um… the rigid penis part of his body is specifically for your rings and you’ll be able to hang more than one there, so you know.

Naked Black Man Ring Holder

Hey, even if you don’t really want to have this out on display in your kitchen or bathroom, you can still get plenty of use from him in your bedroom. We’re only suggesting that you place him on top of your dresser and he can hold your jewelry for you, so they are easy to access when you need them. And before you ask… Yes, this Penis Ring Holder is shipped directly to you in what we would refer to as discreet packaging.

Penis Ring Holder

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