Sitting Pipe Robot Lamp

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Pipe Robot Lamp 1

If you’re looking for a rustic, industrial feel to your room, this sitting pipe robot lamp makes a great addition. The robot looks like he’s in deep contemplation, staring off into space while pondering life’s mysteries. He’s a unique piece of décor and a great conversation piece for any room. The sitting pipe robot lamp also works as an excellent bookend and a lamp all at the same time. The lamp is custom made, so you’ll never see anything else quite like it.

Pipe Robot Lamp 2

The sitting pipe robot lamp can be adjusted into two different positions. The first position is with the robot’s leg bent upward with the other leg hanging over the edge of a shelf. The second position lets you keep the robot’s leg bent up and the other leg turned inward, almost like he’s sitting cross-legged. Don’t worry because the lamp comes with easy instructions that explain how to adjust the robot.

Pipe Robot Lamp 3

This lamp robot can be plugged into any wall outlet. It has a switch on the power cord so that you can easily turn him on and off. He’s 12 inches tall by 7 inches wide and 9 inches deep. Whether you’re the nerdy type who likes to geek out on robot stuff or you just love unique rustic looking pieces for your living room or office, this pipe robot lamp makes a perfect fit.

Pipe Robot Lamp 4

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