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Everybody loves pizza. But nobody likes getting pizza grease all over his shirt. Introducing the Portable Pizza Pouch! It’s a genius invention that lets you keep your pizza safely sealed up around your neck so that you can avoid grease stains. This pizza pouch necklace is perfect for people who eat their pizza with gusto. Wear your pizza with pride and forget about getting pizza juice on your clothes.

The portable pizza pouch is made from the folks at Fairly Odd Novelties. It measures 11.6 inches long by 9.6 inches wide, and it’s basically a one-size-fits all pouch. The pizza pouch has a 36-inch long red lanyard which is the perfect length to keep your pizza close and handy. The actual pizza pouch is transparent plastic, so you can always keep an eye on your pepperoni.

This pizza pouch makes a thoughtful gift for ever pizza lover in your life. Remember those times when you wonder what to get the friend who has everything? This is it. The portable pizza pouch will keep your pizza both fresh and your clothes clean. It makes a great replacement for a pizza box, too. Just place your pizza in the pouch and use the zipper seal at the top to close it right up. When you’re ready to eat, open the pouch back up and chow down.

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