Pocket Shot Arrow Slingshot

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Pocket Shot Arrow Slingshot

Turn you target practice time into a real competition with the Pocket Shot Arrow Slingshot. In a word, it is deadly accurate. You essentially have a stretchable bag that you use to pull and release your shots. It is the most innovative slingshot design that exists. No more will you be forced to line up shots that take so long that you target is gone by the time you fire. This Pocket Shot PRO Arrow Slingshot is seamless. It is fluid. Fire your shot off in seconds.

Pocket Shot PRO Arrow Slingshot

It’s also extremely powerful. With a 38 to 40-pound draw weight, you are going to get some distance. You are also going to cause some damage. For fun on a camping trip, for hunting or fishing, you can’t go wrong with one of these. It’s even more amazing when you consider it is portable and fits in a small bag in your pocket. With easy to assemble instructions, the four pieces fit together quickly and you are on your way.

Pocket Shot The PRO Arrow Pouch

Improve your archery skills, use it as part of a fitness routine or just for fun, you will be in command when you pull one of these little guys out of your pocket and start firing away. The stretchy pouch you use to launch things will hold steel slugs, marbles, 4 caliber paintballs plus airsoft ammo so it is a versatile product that you’ll be able to get hours of enjoyment from. Portable and fun are words that best describe this product that you can’t miss with!

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