Pocket Shot Slingshot

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Pocket Shot Slingshot

Any idea what you would get if you were to combine a slingshot, bow and a fishing pole together? Oddly enough the end result of such an unusual grouping would be this Pocket Shot Slingshot. It can be used as a toy, a circular weapon and a survival tool. Sounds pretty intriguing, right? It looks like not much more than a balloon attached to the end of a cut up sports drink bottle cap but it really does pack a punch that you would not ordinarily expect to see.

Pocket Slingshot

It is very compact, measuring just 1.3-inches deep when closed, which makes this the perfect item to carry around with you as it will not take up much space. You can easily slip it into a pocket, glove box, backpack, tackle box or zipped in with your camping gear. Once you start using it, you’ll never go anywhere without it. It can shoot just about anything you can fit into the pouch from small rocks to marbles and anything else you’ll use with a standard slingshot.

Pocket Shot Slingshot in action

The Pocket Shot Slingshot is fast and can send objects flying at great distances. You’ll be able to shoot a variety of different sized objects up to 350 feet per second. It is also deadly accurate. The unique circular design is what makes this such a versatile item. You can load, aim, fire and hit targets at speeds of up to three times faster than an average slingshot. Need something to help you feel protected while out at night? This could be your newest secret weapon!

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