Pokemon Bulbasaur Planter

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Bulbasaur Planter

Even if you have no idea what a Pokemon is, let alone what the Bulbasaur one is all about, you can’t argue that this isn’t a cute addition to any planter box or flower display. The Pokemon Bulbasaur planter is sort of a flower pot, but it is not just a pot to grow and hold flowers. It is also suitable as an office ornament, an elaborate paperweight – your imagination will be the only limit as to what you can come up with as a way to use this interesting looking portable planter. Even if all you do is use this as a place to start growing your favorite plants and flowers, you’ll be happy with the results as this Pokemon Bulbasaur planter vase is designed just for that.

Ceramic Bulbasaur Flowerpot

Plus, you can personalize the look of this unique planter but using acrylic paint. You can add color to the Pokemon Bulbasaur to make it come to life as it brings to life flowers and plants. An added feature is that the design of this flower pot makes it suitable for almost any décor. Imagine it as the centerpiece of your dining room holding precious flowers to add color and beauty to each and every gathering at the dining table.

White Bulbasaur Flowerpot

There are so many ways in which this product can enhance your home. It may even give you reason to pay a little more attention to what your children keep telling you about Pokemon related items – they’re cool and iconic!

Pokemon Bulbasaur Planter Dimensions

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