Port Solar Charger

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Port Solar Charger

Harness the power of the sun with this innovative Port Solar Charger. It has a unique design which allows it to mount directly to the frame of any window in order to avoid the shade that can be created by frames, furniture and window coverings. You can’t do this with most any other solar charger simply because they are usually big and bulky. This uniquely designed product is lightweight weighing in at roughly 3.8 ounces, so it can go virtually anywhere you need it.

Port Window Solar Charger

The charging unit contains a 1000mAh rechargeable lithium battery which can also be charged with the use of a USB connection. Plus, this mini charger requires far less time in a sunny window to be fully charged. The days of waiting over 12 hours for a charge are over thanks to the design of this product. The lithium battery will also hold a charge for as long as you need it to before you have to use it and has five LEDs to indicate how much charge in left in the battery.

XDDesign Port Solar Charger

This Port Window Solar Charger is so different to the solar chargers you may be accustomed to. It has a sleek design and lightweight although it still packs a punch. It charges quickly and can be used over and over thanks to the materials used inside and out to make it durable. In today’s world where we rely on all types of battery-operated tools, it is nice to see such a useful product that is not bulky and too big to carry around. This is one solar charger worth having!

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