Prank Gift Boxes

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Front side of an Earway Candle Kit prank gift box

Looking for a funny way to trick your friends on their birthday? These prank gift boxes are a hilarious way to shock your friends into thinking you’re a terrible gift giver. The Prank-O Gift Box looks on the outside like it contains a ridiculous product, like this earwax candle kit. You’ll laugh at the confused and disgusted face they’re going to make when they see the box. Then, when they open up the prank gift box, your real gift will be inside!

Backside of a Candle Earwax Kit prank gift box

The Prank-O Gift Box looks like a hilariously awful, yet perfectly plausible product on the outside. The photography on the boxes look just like a regular product you would find in any store or one of those cheesy infomercials. They have 6 sides of real graphics and are about the size of a giant phone book (11.25 x 9 3.25). Your friend will have one of those priceless, awkward looks on his face when he tries to stay tactful when unwrapping this ridiculous box.

Girl making a funny face looking at a prank gift box

These prank gift boxes are an amusing way to bring a little laughter to any party. Just imagine Mother’s Day, your sister’s baby Shower, or your best friend’s birthday bash. They can all use a few extra giggles with one of these Prank-O Gift Boxes. Honestly, they’re going to love your gift even more when they open it up and realize the real present is inside. Just sit back and watch the funny expressions!

Woman laughing at a prank gift box

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