Pregnancy Car Seat Belt

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Pregnancy Car Seat Belt

If you have been pregnant or know someone who has been, riding in a car can be brutal with a normal seat belt. With this Pregnancy Car Seat Belt, all the discomfort is gone and riding or driving once again becomes enjoyable. The issue with ordinary selt belts is that they were never designed with pregnant women in mind. The belt doesn’t adjust for that possibility.

ZUWIT Pregnant Car Seat Belt

However, the ZUWIT Bump Belt does. Essentially this is an adjuster tool that changes the location of the seat belt. Instead of having the seat belt rest across the belly, which is very uncomfortable when you are pregnant, the seat belt is adjusted to sit across the thighs. Not only does this make sitting in a vehicle easier to experience, you are still safely strapped into that vehicle with the seat belt holding you in place at the hips instead of the belly.

Bump Belt

What makes this Pregnancy Car Seat Belt so amazing is that it can be used for more than expectant mothers. If you have recently had abdominal or stomach surgery, a cesarean section or any other injury or operation in your midsection, this belt can permit you to ride or drive a vehicle and still be safely protected with a seat belt that won’t be irritating that sensitive area. The belt adjuster can be fastened tightly in any car seat as it is not movable and will provide a comfortable fit for anyone. This even makes long car rides a little more bearable!

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