Programming Playing Cards

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Programming Playing Cards

In case you don’t get enough mental stimulation at the computer software company you and your buddies work at, here’s something to keep your IQ flying high when relaxing. These are Programming Playing Cards. They are quite simply an amazing but not your ordinary deck of playing cards. Well, that is the basic idea but in reality, these are far different than your regular, run of the mill deck of 52 cards you would use for a rousing game of Go Fish or Rummy or maybe even a little Solitaire.

Playing Cards For Developers

The unique difference between these and any other deck of cards is that these are obviously playing cards for developers. The reason we say that is each individual playing card features a code snippet that describes it. We aren’t talking English or pictures of hearts, spades, clubs or diamonds, either. There are no numerals, graphics of Kings, Jacks or Queens. All there is some programming language that the average person would never be able to fully understand.

Fun Time for Programmers

However, for programmers, developers of any kind who use computer language on a daily basis, this is the deck of cards that will really keep your gears spinning. There are also two different materials to choose from that these Programming Playing Cards are made from. There’s the 100% plastic variety and the plastic-coated with linen finish. Either way, you’ll bring a whole new meaning to the name Texas Hold ‘Em if you need a little bit of extra time figuring out what’s in your hand!

Programming Deck Of Cards

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