Pull Start Fire

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Pull Start Fire

The worst thing to realize when you want to start a fire is that you’ve forgotten your matches. Cavemen may have been able to create fire without them, but it is definitely not as easy as many think. Sometimes a fire is simply essential, either for starting a campfire or for sending out an emergency smoke alert. When you don’t have a match or lighter, it can be incredibly hard to start a fire effectively. The Pull Start Fire provides an easy and effective way to start one in all conditions.

Pull String Firestarter

The Pull String Firestarter is highly recommended because it burns twice as long as many alternatives. Additionally, it also tends to burn two times strong. This means that you can produce a strong fire with ease. The pull string mechanism is very easy to use, it simply requires looping around a log with the green string and then pulling with the red string.

Pull Start Fire

Outdoor enthusiasts will be well aware of the importance of space-saving. The Pull Start Fire is lightweight which makes it portable. It is also windproof, which means that you can start and maintain fires in 200mph winds. This is a fantastic bonus since it means that even the toughest conditions won’t hinder you from starting a fire. To put it simply, this is something that everyone on an outdoors trip should keep with them due to its ease of use and incredible effectiveness. Starting a fire can be needed in an emergency, and the Pull String Firestarter is a tool that you can fully rely on.

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