Push Pull Rotate Doorlocks

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Push Pull Rotate Doorlocks

Got an armful of groceries and need to get indoors? With this innovative push pull rotate doorlocks technology, you can get in your house in a whole new way and still stay secure. The technology used in creating these Brinks door locks let you open doors hands-free. They are not only durable but are made with such high quality that the name Brinks is used in the same sentence as these door locks. They fit all standard sized doors and look stunning.

Brinks Door Locks

Installation is so simple, it’s almost unbelievable. All you need is a Phillips screwdriver. Once installed, your doors will be able to be opened in three different ways. You can push it, pull it or rotate it and the door will open for you. Use your elbow, finger, hip or any other part of your body that you can use to activate one of the three entry modes. These are security tested and are ideal for use on both front and back doors and will keep intruders out and you safe inside.

Brinks Doorlocks

In fact, you can also use these inventive door locks on any and all interior doors within your home. They just have to be standard size doors. Featuring dual torsion springs for smooth rotation, the screws are hidden to create a decorative appearance. What makes these push pull rotate doorlocks even more attractive is that they come attached with a lifetime warranty and you know that with the Brinks name you are dealing with leaders in the security industry you can count on!

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