QuickDraw Self Marking Tape

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QuickDraw Self Marking Tape

There is nothing more frustrating than using a tape measure to size up a part of a project and then not be able to find a pencil to mark your cuts with. This is probably where the saying “measure twice, cut once” came from. It is the reason why we rarely do any woodworking projects these days. Well, that was until this handy gadget showed up. It is called the QuickDraw Self Marking Tape and the name more or less actually describes what it can do for you when needed.

Measuring Tape with a Built-in Pencil

The cool thing about this measuring tape with a built-in pencil is that it is extremely easy to use. You just pull out the measuring tape to the length you need and with pinpoint accuracy, you’ll be able to make your mark without having to find a pencil to do it for you. That’s because there is a graphite dispensing wheel designed right into the housing. The tape itself is a full 25 feet in length so you’ll be able to use it on big and small jobs with ease and simplicity.

QuickDraw Self Marking Tape

You’ll also find that you will be able to complete projects quicker with this time-saving device. The rugged nylon coating of the measuring tape makes it durable and easy to recoil after every use. The manufacturer also offers a money back guarantee. However, once you use the QuickDraw Self Marking Tape, we highly doubt you’ll ever look at measuring and marking the same way again!

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